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About the community

BBRC Buddies is an initiative created to provide Books & Beyond Reading Club student graduates with ongoing relationships with caring adults, leadership training and life-enhancing activities to succeed as teens and young adults.

By teaching social-emotional learning, we empower BBRC Buddies to recognise and use their fullest potential to become successful leaders of their own lives.

The positive impact will be manifested in their school performance and communities involvement, lasting beyond the 2-year reading program.

Our Mission

Activities and Services

Don't Be the Last to Know!

Schedule:  July/August

This 2-week position provides interns with meaningful administrative work experience with Books & Beyond Reading Club.

Summer Internship Opportunities

Schedule:  Starting September

This opportunity centers on instilling strong values into our youth and provides a space for them to learn actual skills to become a leader in the school and community.

Leadership Training


Schedule:  Every other month

This opportunity lets Buddies understand their own needs and develop them into thriving and productive teens.

Meet-up Opportunities

Workshop Schedule:  June 28, July

Competition:  November

This collaboration with other NGOs on workshops and competitions will help Buddies to widen their exposure and build confidence.

Workshop & Competition Opportunities

Schedule:  January


This opportunity encourages Buddies to clean up the environment for a better and plastic-free world.

Community Cleanup Opportunities

Schedule:  March, April, June

This opportunity helps to stimulate, enrich and broaden Buddies' horizons beyond the classroom setting.

Field Trip Opportunities

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